Gravity Rotary

Easy handling
compact design
fast and high-quality engraving

Bigger, faster, Gravity Rotary: with our high-end engraving machine, rollers can be produced quickly, precisely and in multiple stages. A roller measuring 200 cm in length and 64 cm in circumference, for example, is imaged in just 25 minutes and can then be etched.

Thanks to the high-resolution multi-jet spray head, designs with a resolution of up to 1,440 dpi are transferred – without noses, errors or gradients. 10 etchings and more are no problem for this engraving machine: our customers use the Gravity Rotary for complex reliefs and structures. Thanks to a highly developed camera system, the cylinder can be clamped into the machine several times in the exact position for further engraving.

The machine size is based on the individual wishes and requirements of our customers.

Fields of application

Fields of application

Embossing industry, graphic industry, wallpaper industry, leather industry


  • Konica Minolta Printhead
  • Dimatix Printhead
  • 1.100 dpi – 1.440 dpi resolution


  • Cost-effective and efficient production
  • High-resolution print quality
  • optimisation of processes
  • Consistent quality at every production site
  • fast engraving times
  • easy operation and maintenance


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