Young company, strong roots

AKK GmbH was founded in 2010 and its still young activities are based on strong roots: the company emerged from Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH and CST GmbH and combines and expands the know-how of two successful companies from the embossing and printing industry.

The close cooperation between the three companies allows customers to benefit from many years of experience in the laser and embossing sector. At AKK, the know-how of our specialists in the fields of mechanics and precision mechanics, optics, laser technology, electronics, software, hardware and mechanical engineering interlocks today.


1875 Foundation of Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH in Hilden, Germany

1902 Relocation of Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH to Krefeld city centre

1979 Relocation of Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH to the Krefeld-Linn industrial estate

1989 Foundation of CST GmbH in Krefeld-Linn

2010 Foundation of AKK GmbH 

2021 Joint Venture CST / SAATI