Splendid Polymer

Easy handling
compact design
fast and high-quality engraving

This revolutionary way of producing polymer plates was developed in close cooperation with our Chinese partner. 

It is characterized by the fact that the printing plates are produced additively in various thicknesses. Any plate thickness, engraving shapes, undercuts and surface roughness can be realized. 

Additive manufacturing greatly shortens and automates the process. Furthermore, no valuable and expensive resources are wasted.

With plate thicknesses between 1-3mm and resolutions of up to 70L/cm, our exposure machine covers many areas of application. 

The speed of engraving speaks for itself and now enables printers to produce plates without taking up too much space in-house.

1m plates can be produced in less than 20 minutes.

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  • All products available made to measure
  • All products available made to measure
  • All products available made to measure
  • All products available made to measure