Cosmos Flexo Repro Studio

Easy handling
compact design
fast and high-quality engraving

With a choice of fiber laser or C02 technology with multi-beam technology, the machine is suitable for engraving in dry offset or label printing as well as for 3D engraving and packaging printing of EPDM plates, sleeves and cylinders. 100 L/cm can be realized with up to 5,080 dpi.

We have the right machine version for every customer: with 1,000 or up to 2,000 watts, with single, dual or four beam technology. For customers who want to engrave silicones or other non-fiber-capable materials, we offer a 500-1,000 watt sealed C02 laser, which produces fine engravings of up to 2,540 dpi. Like all our laser engraving machines, this is equipped with an acousto-optic modulator (AOM). This technology enables the finest engraving results to be achieved at high switching speeds

With our 2in1 version, two engraving heads can be moved towards each other so that both heads engrave a sleeve for deep engravings and each head engraves a sleeve / plate for the finest engravings. This technology makes it possible to meet the highest demands in an efficient manner. In addition, this system offers an integrated back-up system, as the system can be operated with only one head at a time at half speed.

The system is perfectly tailored to the needs of repro studios that require a wide range of applications.

Undercut, variable shoulder settings, the intelligent Easy Template software, a user-friendly interface and many other software tools make the machine easy to use. Individual requirements, such as the integration of the respective national language into the control panel, can also be implemented. The production of our hardware and software at our plant in Krefeld makes it possible.

Areas of application

Dry offset, EPDM plates, sleeves, cylinders, label printing


  • Fibre YAG laser or C02 technology
  • 500 to 4.000 watts
  • AKK software with undercut and variable shoulder settings
  • Easy Template software for dry offset and label printing
  • Available in all sizes
  • Upgrades for HEll, ZED, Kodak, Lead machines


  • High resolution with up to 5,080 dpi
  • Fast engraving times
  • integrated AKK raster software
  • especially suitable for label and dry offset printing
  • easy handling and maintenance
  • high flexibility thanks to adapters for sleeves, cylinders and plates
  • Consistent quality at every production site
  • process optimisation (data – engraving – cleaning – printing)

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Our products are individually adapted to the needs of the respective customer application and seamlessly integrated.

  • All products available made to measure
  • Use of fiber laser technology
  • Use of high-resolution exposure units
  • Individual designs
  • High-precision laser components and systems