Cosmos Flexo Pharmacy

Easy handling
compact design
fast and high-quality engraving

The COSMOS Flexo Pharmacy has been developed for the printing of aluminum foils. Special printing machines (e.g. Hapa) are used on the market for this purpose, which fix the printing plate by means of perforations on the sides of the printing plates. With our engraving machine, EPDM plates can now be engraved faster than with CO2 lasers and to a much higher quality. With the fiber laser used, lines and fine lettering are much more precise than with Co2 engraving systems.

For the engraving machine, we have adopted the perforations for assembly, so that quick assembly and perfectly positioned engraving can be carried out.

We adapt the master roller to your requirements.

You can also obtain cost-effective printing plates with perforations from us or other suppliers.

Areas of application

Label printing, foil printing, parmacy


  • Fiber Laser


  • High resolution with up to 5,080 dpi
  • Fast engraving times
  • integrated AKK software
  • easy handling and maintenance
  • Advice and contact


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  • All products available made to measure
  • Use of fiber laser technology
  • Use of high-resolution exposure units
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