Cosmos Flexo C02

Easy handling
compact design
fast and high-quality engraving

There are applications where a CO2 laser must be used. The CO2 laser is characterized by the fact that it can ablate many different materials. This is a considerable advantage over the fiber laser. The latest generations are powerful 550-750 watt lasers that no longer require an external gas. These lasers are therefore very low-maintenance and achieve engraving qualities of up to 2,540 dpi.

Frequent areas of application are the production of embossing rollers and engraving of silicone.

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Areas of application

Electroforming screens, electroforming cylinders, embossing cylinders


  • Co2 Laser technology 500 Watt
  • AKK software
  • available in all sizes


  • High resolution with up to 2,540 dpi
  • Fast engraving times with powerfull laser
  • all materials can be engraved
  • easy handling
  • high flexibility thanks to adapters for sleeves, cylinders and plates
  • Consistent quality at every production site


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  • Use of fiber laser technology
  • Use of high-resolution exposure units
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